The Easiest Way to Build a Secure Online Academy in Less than 45 mins And Earn as High N200k Per Month Building for Others Guaranteed!

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If you want MORE MONEY as a digital creator and you want to discover 2 little known secret that can 10x your income this month, then this is the MOST important information you will read today.


By reading this short letter till the end, you will uncover:


ONE: A Silly Mistake you are making right now, without even knowing it, that is chasing away customers from you.


TWO: A Totally Little-Known Trick you can use to attract MORE upsells to your business…


THREE: How this powerful little-known trick can earn you as high as N200k per project guaranteed.


Just to show you how powerful this is, I’m going to tell you a little story.


Few weeks ago, I launched a brand-new digital product called PACM.


And because of this same thing you are about to discover, in just under 48 hours, I pulled six figures in upsells.


Here are some screenshots of customers making payment.

As at the time I took the screenshot below, there were 111 students in the support group of that training see screenshot below.

Now here’s a little math to help you understand just how profitable upsells are:

Product Launch Price: N2500

Number of Signups 111
2500 x 111 = N277,000

In less than 7 days.

Some bankers don’t even earn this much in a whole month. 

No sponsored ads, no influencer ads.

This showcases the immense power of this technique… and shortly, I’ll show you exactly how to execute it.

But first, let me introduce myself and explain why it’s crucial for you to take what I’m about to reveal seriously.

My name is Pelaiah Ejinwa, I have spent the last 3 years as digital creator, affiliate business consultant and professional web designer.

Here’s a link to some of my website design projects:

You see, before now, most times when I run ads to sell online, I used to record a good number of sales.


But thing is, the money I made quickly disappears, like water in a leaky basket..


Facebook ads were taking more than 50% of the Money I was making.


…No matter how many sales I make, I still end up being broke.


Here is where it gets really bad.


I tried to UPSELL my customers so I can raise more money, but no one was buying.


I thought maybe it was the UPSELL PRODUCT.


So, I spent sleepless nights to create 3 different UPSELL products pushed it to my customers, STILL NO ONE BOUGHT.


That night I couldn’t eat, I was devastated. Was I cursed? Why is no one buying my UPSELLS?


Then one day, through a customer’s message I discovered one thing that completely changed everything for me.


In a few seconds I will tell you everything about it.


First and foremost, what’s truly remarkable about this particular secret I’m about to reveal is that it actually works.


In just 60 days, after using this stuff, I launched an UPSELL Product called SMSEF and pulled in a mad 6 figures in upsells.


Here is a screenshot of 151 students in the support group of the UPSELL Product I launched.

And here’s the mind-blowing realization that struck me: all the top-notch Digital Creators, Coaches, and Consultants I know are utilizing this exact same method.


Here is a tested and proven research that will help you understand why this method works so well. 


In 2015 a renowned researcher known as Odunlami, B. conducted scientific research on the Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Customer Retention: A Case Study of a Reputable Bank in Oyo, Oyo State. Nigeria.


The study targeted online shoppers in Egypt and 292 responses were collected.


According to the research by Odunlami (2015), service quality is an important indicator of customer satisfaction.


Simply put, if the quality of service is poor it will create dissatisfaction and if the service quality is good, it will create customer satisfaction.


Key take away is that if customers did not enjoy a good learning experience, they will never buy your UPSELL.

That’s Why THE SILLY MISTAKE you are making right now that is chasing your customers away is to depend only on Google & Telegram to host your courses. 

Those platforms did not give my customers a good experience compared to what they were getting from my competition, so they refused to buy my UPSELLS.


So I started checking my competition to discover what they were doing differently and realized the LITLLE KNOWN TRICK that big shots in the industry were using. 


They were all giving their customers good delivery and satisfaction through A SECURE ONLINE ACADEMY.

The moment I discovered this TOP SECRET I invested money and built my own Secure Online Academy.


Then, I moved all my courses to the Academy and started using it. 

60 Days after giving my students that satisfaction I launched a new course and pulled in mad 6 figures in sales. That’s the screenshot I shared above. 

And now, it’s your turn. I want to show you how I pulled this off and exactly how you can pull it off yourself.

My guess is by now, you’ve probably realized the importance of building an Online Academy too, but you can’t afford the setup of fee.

Because if you check, the cost of setting up an online Academy is so high BETWEEN N500,000 to N1million.

For instance, there are about 5 different premium tools you will need to Build A Secure Online Academy like mine.

Just one of those tools called LearnDash LMS will cost you nothing less than $199 (N154,225) per year. See screenshot below. 👇👇👇


But What if I told you, that you can get UNLIMITED FREE access to all FIVE expensive tools required to build an Online Academy.

After admitting 1,075 students into my online academy, I decided to do something I have never done before.

I have decided to show you how you can pull this off for yourself and start generating lots of extra money for yourself. 



The Easiest Way to Build a Secure Online Academy in Less than 45 mins And Earn as High N200k Per Month Building for Others Guaranteed!

Yes YOU too can Make a lot of Money for yourself! After taking this course you will be able to

✅ Build Secure Online Academy for yourself in less than 45 minutes. 


✅ Build Online Academy for others and charge as high as N200,000.


✅ Save money by avoiding costly monthly subscriptions for premium tools needed. This means you will NOT pay $199 (N154,225) for LearnDash as well as all the other tools. I will give you free access to them. 


✅ Secure course content from unauthorized downloads and sharing.


✅ Update course content or change videos without your students knowing.


✅ Receive payments directly through the platform, no third-party processor needed.


✅ Enjoy unlimited space for courses, students, files, and more.


✅ Eliminate the need to share Google Drive links with paying students.


✅ Have control over who can access the dashboard.


✅ Access student details, including emails, for follow-ups.


✅ Keep track of the number of enrolled students.


✅ Automatic enrolment of students who paid online without lifting a finger.


✅ Manual enrolment of students in bulk with just a few clicks.

Now you and I agree that this is loaded to the brim. Normally this training and tools are worth over N500,000.

However, I am going to let you access the training with N50,000 naira only... BUT WAIT

Now here's some sweet news.

I am going to allow Fast Action Takers to Access the training with N7500 for today only.

YES, you read that right N7,500 only, that's less than N300 a day in a month.

To grab the offer




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